In the emerging multi-polar world, the globalised citizen has to face uncertainty in most aspects of his life. The level of influence it has or impact it creates can go to a large extent to affect the basic way of living. In contemporary era; what we face is the rapidness in the change in socio-economic and political scenario. The developing world, which is mostly represented by Asia is on the verge of becoming a potential regional bloc that will level and leverage its geo-strategic position to call for a means to incorporate Eastern standards and ways of life in the changing paradigm shift. 18th and 19th centuries experienced the Electrical and Industrial revolutions, respectively. In the same manner, 20th and 21st century have gone through a Technological revolution and communication/information revolution, respectively. This particularly represents growth in human consciousness. Instead of delving into the debate on the rise of material west or the western civilization, let's stay on course of discussion regarding its role in contemporary era. Europe and America represent the western civilisation. One is a global superpower and the other represents a regional union working together as a platform or forum to follow, protect and enhance their strategic interests, everywhere. Liberal, secular and democratic values do make the Western civilisation unique but not in any way – universal. There exists a Spiritual East that contains and exhibits the feminine or motherly nature in contrast to the Material West that represents a masculine or fatherly nature. The balance or Yin-Yang exists.

With the rise of (growing) East Asia and potential of (developing)West Asia, the continent is on the verge of achieving a great leap. Now reverting back to the established order of today; we tend to use means of communication in the form of internet. Internet has led to events like Arab Spring that tumbled the 'stooge' dictators. Internet has revolutionised the level of communication of information across the global society. We have seen how times have changed when an African origin person became the first black president of USA, where now Hillary Clinton might prove to be the first woman president. Times have changed but interests haven't. We have seen the West open their doors to Middle Eastern refugees. We have seen that intervention programs keep 'balance'.  We have seen aid and in some cases, trade. We have now witnessed a Syrian ceasefire plan in work. We have seen cooperation based on mutual interest regarding such matters that signify the importance of multipurpose deals between western and eastern nation-states. After the fall of the Soviet Union; the world became uni-polar. Then and therefore, the idea of 'human' intervention programs that were carved during Cold War with some legitimate concern fell behind. Does it stir a thought that BAE has earned more projects, revenues and profits than a mighty company like ARAMCO?

Considering how fast the turn in tide of events are increasingly shaping a Post-Syrian Ceasefire Global scenario, we cannot ignore the emerging significance of  communication developments as a part of Information Revolution that occur from time to time in the contemporary era of psy-ops or generation warfare. Vladimir Putin emerged as KGB agent in hands of Soviet oligarchs. Since the time he became the President of Russian Federation, we have witnessed the distinct features of Christian Eastern Orthodox return as the identity of Eastern Europe. It is pertinent to mention a brief history of this Church. After Constantinople (Istanbul) fell to Ottoman Turks, Christianity divided into two sects: Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox. The Roman Catholics moved to Vatican City and followed the Pope. The Eastern Orthodox made St Petersburg and then Moscow, as their capital and followed their Leader-Patriarch. The role of Christian Russia, as in Syria and Crimea, will serve to be a defining moment for the long-run stability and interests of Asian nations. Russia as a Eurasian Nation has the capability to represent as a contender for the balance between West and East. She faced crisis and depression but never succumbed to the major blows. She rose against odds to restore her status as a power to be contended with. She has qualities of masculine-feminine and the properties of yin-yang. In the world of information, the latest development is the sequel to WikiLeaks i.e. the Panama leaks. Now, the book written by Perkins: The confession of Economic Hitman, does reveal the game plan set around long time ago but implemented in effect after the two world wars.

Putin's Russia has defied the game of lies that were initiated against Russia. The whole game plan revolves around complete defeat of Russia. Considering the latest developments, Iran and Turkey are trying to wrest control as core states in Middle East. They will agree upon division and control of Arab lands, mutually, in order to restore stability in such crucial times.  In that case, Egypt’s Fateh Al Sisi will intend to seek legitimacy by committing to 'western interests' of pro-Israeli NATO, which leads him to the same camp as Turkish President Erdogan or Saudi King Salman. Now this is where the line between the pre and post Syrian ceasefire global scenario has become thin and is on the way to continuously develop upon the great game of 'New World Order'; which Putin has mentioned several times in his speeches. Egypt will adopt an aggressive stance against Syria, where Fateh Al Sisi will receive aid for what will be a mistake on his part. He will endeavour to pressurise Syria by allying with Israel on strategic terms in Sinai Peninsula. This will hamper any Syrian diplomatic designs that will aim to get even with Israel based on the status prevailing in Golan Heights. What will ensue shall not be limited to table talks. It will open avenues for military confrontation. Did not the Saudi-Turkish alliance focus on Raqqa and Aleppo against Bashar regime, bringing the two sides to a possible direct war a couple of months ago? It seems imminent, again.

Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), a leading Israeli research centre has issued a report that stressed for the formation of a joint, high-interest Israeli-American strategy that would guarantee the stability and survival of current Egyptian and Jordanian leadership.

The study said:

“A confidence building measure could consist of US-Israeli aid to the government in Egypt so as to establish effective rule, fight the Islamic State branch in Sinai, and halt the smuggling of weapons from Libya and Sudan into Egypt, and from there into Sinai and the Gaza Strip."

However, allies of US and UK have blocked Russian attempt in UN to categorise Ahrar Al Shaam and other groups as non-state actors.

Putin's Russia is central to the Panama Leaks and might receive the final blow of it, ultimately. As Egypt's Sisi will level up his game upon instigation of a pro-Israeli NATO stance, Irani-Turkish leadership might have to stop in its track to divide and rule Arab lands, and witness the entire new paradigm. This is where Russia cannot stand to sustain the Syrian ceasefire plan with distractions from all sides.  This will culminate with Holy Prophet Muhammad's tradition regarding how a Muslim-Christian alliance will capture Istanbul and the drying of River Euphrates. Global geo-Strategic and the socio-economic and political developments are enough to signify the importance of the tradition at hand. Certain news that have made headlines in the past couple of weeks, when combined, helps to condense and elaborate the uncertain development of the multi-polar world scenario that helps solve the jigsaw puzzle. US and Russia have agreed to extend truce to Aleppo. Post Syrian ceasefire takes all stakeholders on board, too. The events that have occurred for the last two weeks symbolises a fresh, re-defined approach on the part of world powers and regional stakeholders. In a single sentence, matters are moving ahead, for the better or worse. Pakistani leadership can either learn from Turkish 'revolutionary' constitutional struggle or Russian 'evolutionary' constitutional struggle. It is evident in Turkish priorities where they have compromised on Gaza issue for Erdogan's self-interest and followed a dangerous path to militarism for the past one year, while, taking a hypocritical stand on Bangladesh Nizami execution. To be precise about AfPak as part of Greater Middle East, the pro-Israeli NATO's attempt to deprive the world of Islam from nuclear deterrent will be forced to halt and divert its track after the Chinese support of declaration to Pakistan, with the similar, decisively important and upcoming Russian declaration of support for Pakistan.

The recent developments have established a clear line-of-sight. Israel has decided to upgrade ties with NATO. SA-PM on Foreign affairs, Tariq Fatemi has said that Pakistan is committed to the objective of nuclear security. After Trump's statement regarding Shakil Afridi, the US State department has attempted to nullify the situation by declaring that US has no intentions to diminish relations with Pakistan. As there are efforts for sustainability of Syrian ceasefire plan, side by side, there is a rising rift in the South China Sea where it is interesting to note that Russia, a non-claimant, has involved itself by telling America not to involve itself – through a joint press conference by Russian and Chinese Foreign Ministers, Sergey Lavrov and Wang Yi. There is much power contention as India, Japan and other nations intend to 'internationalise' the issue. As these events took place, Kerry has warned Bashar Al Assad of ' repercussions ' if transition or transfer of power fails. It was the statement of ex-Prime Minister Davutoglu in line with Turkish foreign policy where he said that Turkey may dispatch troops to Syria if necessary. Now, Israel is to open permanent mission at NATO Headquarters located in Brussels after Turkey lifted Veto. Republican Presidential nominee Trump says that Israel settlements should continue- an assault on democracy, itself. All these developments indicate that military dictatorship of Euro-Jewish state of Israel in midst of the Middle Eastern sea of Islam will certainly become a reality, soon. Hillary has been part of Obama Admin and is experienced with the Af-Pak region. On the other hand, Putin has declined to visit Pakistan, stating that the reason is insufficient. Symbolically speaking, Panama leaks have delayed the Prime Minister's Green Pakistan program. American lawmakers have denied Pakistan the status granted, previously, to pay $380m instead of $700m. This caused strain in American-Pakistan relations at a time when Panama Papers issue revolves around Pakistani leadership. To pursue a solution; Pakistani leadership has to consider proposals from Russian School of Constitutional Economics in order to deal with crisis that was produced in first place to manipulate and maneuver situations to Pro-Israeli NATO advantage. Contemplating such bits and pieces of information, Pakistan has to set up and step up their game as American elections are entering the final phase.

The above paragraph contains news prioritised as significant information based on symbolic value. It has to be interpreted according to intent and implications. This year, a new American President will be chosen amidst the Syrian ceasefire plan. Russia is being encircled, meanwhile. Uncertainty arising from latest episode of Panama leaks is the information that the Saudi King Salman – following the protestant version of Islam – is declared to be the financer and supporter of Netanyahu. Moreover, the Saudi-Egyptian island passage deal was put in effect after Israeli ratification, which opened a military appendix. EU's strict stance on Israeli Jewish settlements and American indifference regarding Israeli concerns to Iran nuclear program is only a representation of facts and there exists the element of eventuality in the reality that a multi-polar world is not considered by pro-Israeli NATO to be in their favour. Let's put forward a case study as a scenario in order to clarify the situation.  Israeli-Russian leadership have met thrice since Russian Intervention in Syria. The previous meeting took place in April in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel. Putin-Netanyahu discussed matters ranging from Hezbollah's terrorism to controversial status of Golan Heights. Netanyahu regarded Golan Heights as the 'Red-line'. Russia calls for withdrawal of Israeli forces and evacuation of Jewish settlements from Golan Heights. As the multi-polar world's situation is fast becoming more uncertain by time; Israel's emerging global policy is correlated to the situation in Gaza. The military dictatorship that is soon going to be imposed at regional level speaks volumes through Israeli treatment of Gaza. The Israeli stance is fast becoming concrete on basis of policy that either Israel's way or no way i.e. you are with us or against us. This is what they intend to bring the world to. In order to achieve this, either the world has to shrink in size or Israel will have to expand her borders i.e. assume role of Eretz Israel. It is a known fact that Bolshevik revolution occurred under the auspices of Zionist Jews that led to ruthless murder of Romanovs similar to manner as of the only Roman Catholic American President, J.F. Kennedy.  Iqbal stated that the problem does not rest with the emergence of Zionism but that atheistic materialism and territorial expansionism has corroded humanity. It is to capture the effects of a multi-polar world and replace the regional military dictatorship of Euro-Jewish state of Israel with a global military dictatorship i.e Pax-Judaica. Who can or rather, who will, respond to it?

As the pro-Israeli NATO is rapidly expanding her sphere of influence with the latest focus on Egypt, there exists one remaining balance of power between Mediterranean Sea and Hindu Kush i.e. India-Pakistan. We have seen on what terms have Israel-Arab and Iraq-Iran balance of power played out. The whole game plan aims at subjugation and humiliation of Russia. Was Putin's refusal to visit Pakistan based on some mistrust or misconception? No. It has a symbolic meaning that Russian leadership not only intends to build strategic alliance with Pakistan but most importantly, a spiritual one. Most international developments taking place now in the context of recent events pinpoint a pro-Israeli agenda on the part of Western European and American sponsored pro-Israeli NATO. Nagorno-Karabakh confrontation between Azerbaijan and Armenia was a glimpse into what is coming.  As the finality of US Presidential election fast approaches, most stakeholders in the Syrian ceasefire plan, UN Security Council – Iran nuclear deal and migrant crisis have evolved to a new dimension of geo-strategic great game.

Edgar Cayce, one of the most revered psychics and referred to as the 'sleeping prophet,' spoke about spiritual development and leadership of Russia back in 1940s when he stated:

'Out of Russia, you see, will become the basis of a more worldwide religious thought of the world.'

When Hugh Lynn Cayce asked about the Russian situation in June 1938, he was told:

'A new understanding has and  will come to a troubled people. Here, because of the yoke of oppression, because of the self indulgences, has arisen another extreme. Only when there is freedom of speech, the right to worship according to the dictates of the conscience- until these come about, still turmoils be within.'

Here, Cayce symbolically referred to Russia after downfall of the Soviet Union, as well as return of humanistic values in order to free itself from trials of the oppressive Zionist cartels which have been organising against the humans for centuries. By disrupting ISIS and checking Saudi-Turkish alliance at border, Putin has managed to restore contingent stability. Cayce spoke of Russia's role as being the 'hope of the world' in a coming time as this:

'In Russia there comes the hope of the world not as that sometimes termed as of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no: but freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystalised, but out of Russia comes again, the hope of the world.'

Without a doubt, it was Putin's actions that have saved the world from World War. He has helped carve out a Syrian ceasefire plan while neutralising the Saudi-Turkish war mentality approach. In my opinion, he stands for a slogan: 'Highest law is the moral law.' The balancing factor of Yin-Yang as Russia as a Eurasian state represents the duality through adopting the Western and Eastern principles. Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali should visit Russian School of Constitutional Economics in order to lay foundation for Pakistani-Russian strategic alliance in spiritual terms. It is about the Eastern Orthodox Christians, Allah in Surah Al-Maida states that these are a people who are close to Muslims in love and affection; and are not arrogant. In order to stop the war-madness of pro-Israeli NATO, a Eurasian alliance has become a necessity. In conclusion, as US Presidential elections reach a close; Russia is near a defining moment that will lead her either bow down to a Global Military dictatorship in the next few years or fight back with all resources and power she has to stop pro-Israeli NATO. Pakistan has to step up to attain Russian and Chinese declaration of support as the most potent and final form of deterrent against pro-Israeli NATO.

I'll add views established by thorough research of Islamic eschatology. Imam Al Mahdi, Maseeh Ad Dajjal (False Messiah) and Essa Ibne Maryam (Jesus the True Messiah) cannot emerge until Israel becomes the ruling state of the world. United Muslim-Christian Russia alliance to relieve Istanbul (Turkey) from clutches of NATO will leave Israel vulnerable and this will lead to the emergence of Dajjal. At this juncture in time, Khilafah will be restored by Imam Al Mahdi to hasten the arrival of the Essa Ibne Maryam, the True Messiah. 

The latest response of the NATO Allied forces has shifted from escalation on Syrian border to Russian border (as developments in the previous week indicate) decisive NATO plan to fully destroy the Russian capability that provides sustainability to Syrian ceasefire plan, through distraction and deception. Egypt will aim for total control while Iran and Turkey will have to stop in their tracks and witness the new paradigm.

Russia has come up with a 'Crimea, Black Sea' like response in the case where Israel is soon going to expand her borders to the position of Eretz Israel. This Russian response is all about countering and neutralising the Pro-Israeli NATO's blitzkrieg (coming soon). Military buildup aims at immediate 'decisive' gains. Moscow media claims terrifying weapon BS28 can dodge radar defenses and bring destruction to an area the size of 'Texas or France.' As Pro-Israeli NATO strengthens her anti-Russian deployment in Northern and Eastern Europe; Russia has come up with her most potent maximum deterrence weapon as means to restore stability, yesterday.

Some how; same pattern (military developments) is emerging in case of Pakistan's relation to US. The EU and America are playing a false game to show moral resistance to Israel in a multi-polar world; through resolution against Jewish settlements and US-Iran Nuclear deal. 

Solution: The Parliamentary session to be held on Monday has become the focus of attention as CJ has answered in negative to Pakistani government’s suggestion to form Judicial Commission on Panama Papers. There also prevails confusion amongst the opposition parties regarding options available. PTI seeks action through NAB platform. It is the best time to incorporate ideas of Russian School of Constitutional Economics (RSCE). According to RSCE approach, a Parliamentary debate on three points of basic reference i.e. issue of F16 proposal, 'growing' American indifference and Afghan-Pakistan confrontation on the Torkham border due to differences in policy of fencing, along with Panama leaks will bring forth a more meaningful solution through pursuit of extensive dialogue in Parliamentary proceedings. Accordingly to the three points of reference in Parliamentary debate, Pakistan can signify policy improvement and policy shift by discussing to develop a valid, reliable and credible consensus on the abovementioned three points of reference: Pakistan can look forward to purchase Russian fighter jets instead of American F16 and set accountability on the 'why, what and how' of attaining F16 fighter plane in the past in order to set an effective and efficient solution to weak uni-dimensional decision-making in the past which also proved to be an ill-informed one. Secondly, what steps can Pakistan take to gain Russian and Chinese declaration of support and enhance cooperation with Eurasian states? Lastly, clarify Afghan policy by supporting table-talks with Afghan leadership with the assurance to support democratic Afghan goverment. As mentioned in the beginning of the article; contemporary era is a part of 21st century Information Revolution, we should seek prescriptive solutions through proper bench-marked measures in order to ensure defense of Pakistani sovereignty represented through Civilian leadership – not the idea of Erdogan's militarism but Putin's morality – as global society is witnessing the forces of spiritualism/Sufism uniting with onslaught of Information Revolution.