ATTOCK-Christian community has strongly criticised the Health Department for announcing low prestige jobs like sweeper only for non-Muslims.

The EDO (Health) has advertised vacant seats of sanitary workers/sweepers and particularised these seats for non Muslims only.

Minority community leaders termed the advertisement discriminatory in violation of Article 27 of the Constitution of Pakistan. They said in the light of constitutional requirement and international commitment to “Convention of Elimination of Racial Discrimination”, there is a need to stop discrimination.

They said, a letter No SO(Cab-I)8-7/2015(SR) dated 6/11/2015 was sent to the concerned departments for amendment of rules but to no avail. They said the chief minister of Punjab should take notice of the violation and issue orders to the officers concerned to make amendment in the rules which are causing discrimination on the basis of religion. They said a protest will be started if amendments are not made.

DCO Rana Akbar Hayat when contacted said that all the citizens irrespective of their religion, sect and creed have equal rights and no discrimination is allowed. He said, a new ad regarding vacant posts in Health Department will soon be published after deletion of objectionable words.