BAHAWALPUR- Islami Jamiat Talaba took out a protest rally from University Chowk to Press Club against the hanging of Jamaat-e-Islami leader Mutiur Rehman Nizami in Bangladesh.

the rally participants expressed anger over the hanging of JI Bangladesh Ameer Mutiur Rehman in crime of his love for Pakistan. They said that Haseena Wajid, the prime minister of Bangladesh, is making political opponents her target while the UN, OIC and International Human Rights and other institutions have become silent spectators. Nizami was punished for supporting Pakistan which is a point to think for every patriotic Pakistani and the government of Pakistan, they said. Today, after 4 decades by making the incidents of 1971 basis, blood is being spilled, they added.

They said that Haseena Wajid is planting the seed of hatred towards Pakistan on the consent of India and its results will be extreme. They said that it is beyond understanding that why government of Pakistan is hesitant to lift the matter in front of the international world. Bangladesh government and Indian government’s joint venture should be exposed in front of the world through proper actions, they demanded.

The Bangladesh’s government should be flayed at government level for punishing their political opponents especially Jamaat-e-Islami leaders, they said. The rally was led by JI youth wing General Secretary Usama Niaz.