LAHORE-Aamir Ghulam has planned the release of a remix titled ‘Hangama hai kiun Barpa’ on Eid. The son of Ghulam Ali filmed the remix in Dubai. The teaser titled ‘Hangama’ has been aired while the full version is scheduled for Eid. Aamir is from the Patiala Gharana, a well-known family in the world of classical music.

Talking to this scribe, Aamir said: “I want to give a new touch to oldies,” he said, adding that he made the remix for mesmerising youth. Ghulam Ali sang the ghazal in the 1990s – the decade when Aamir entered the world of music formally. His previous remix, also of his father’s ghazal, had won a great acclaim. He has been running AGA Studio Productions for years. He made remix of ‘Das ni Sharab diye bottle’ – also sung by Ghulam Ali- for an Indian film ‘Gang of Ghost’ in 2014. He has also released a number of new songs under the aegis of AGA Productions.