KARACHI     -     Provincial Minister for Local Bodies Saeed Ghani visited Bagh Ibne Qasim and rubbished aside the claim of the devastation of the park located near Bilawal House Karachi by PTI lawmaker Khurram Sher Zaman. Zaman in his tweet a day earlier showed pictures of Bagh Ibne-Qasim with uprooted grass and broken walk ways.  The provincial minister on Tuesday visited the park and said that the claim made by the PTI lawmaker was baseless and was only aimed at garnering media hype from it. He said that the beautification of the park is underway and major part of it was already completed.  He said that they were also working on a treatment plant project for nehr e Khayyam that passed from the park towards sea. “We are also working on some amusement projects for the public in certain parts of the park, due to which it lacks beautification,” he clarified.  The people are fed up of the fabrications made by the opposition parties in the province, he concluded.