LAHORE Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has blasted wicket keeper Zulqarnain Haider for leaving the team without notice and termed his attitude as childish. Afridi said that he was appalled by Haiders decision to leave the team hotel in Dubai and flee to London and seek asylum there. I just dont understand what he (Haider) is trying to do. He has behaved very childishly. He has behaved just like Yasir Hameed had done in England. What is he trying to achieve? In the end he will gain nothing and will lose out as a player, Afridi was quoted as saying by PTI. Afridi said that if Haider had got any threats to fix matches or was feeling the pressure, he should have spoken to his teammates about the matter instead of running away. Even if he didnt want to come to me or the team management he should have spoken to Abdul Razzaq, who is close to him. They play for the same club in Lahore. He has taken the decision of an unstable person, Afridi said. Haider left the team hotel to reach London last week, claiming he was facing death threats from fixers. His application for temporary asylum in UK is now under review by the British authorities. Earlier former captains, Imran Khan and Wasim Akram also criticised the 24-year-old wicket-keeper and accused him of bringing a bad name to Pakistan cricket. But Haider said from London that everyone had a right to opinion but he had no regrets about his decision to leave the team. Anyone in Pakistan cricket who tries to speak the truth or fight for truth is labeled a mental case or unstable. It is nothing new in Pakistan cricket, Haider said. I dont know what is being said in the media but yes it is disappointing for me that although I have taken such a big step for the betterment of Pakistan cricket in future, I am not getting the required support from the present or past players, he said. Haider defended his decision not to talk to the team management and players about the threats. Given the circumstances Pakistan cricket has faced I thought if this issue came out in open during the series in Dubai, it could even lead to cancellation of remaining matches, he added.