DUBAI (Reuters/AFP) - Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula denied on Sunday it would stage any action to coincide with the Hajis to Saudi Arabia after a Saudi minister said such an operation could not be ruled out. We are against any crimes against pilgrims ... Haj is a pillar of Islam and we are most eager (not to spill) the blood of Muslims, wherever they may be. Makkah is more sacred than any other place, AQAP said in a statement posted on a website often used by militants. Asked whether Al-Qaeda might stage an attack on the Haj or use the event to try and get fighters from Yemen into the kingdom, Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz said: We cannot rule out any operation but we are ready to foil it. In its statement, the group also condemned the US-Saudi intelligence cooperation that led to the discovery of the parcel bomb plot. What proves that the Al Saud cooperates with and has full allegiance to the Americans and Jews is that they informed them about the explosive parcels, which were destined for the Jews and Americans, it said in the statement. AQAP accused the Saudi official of lies aimed at eradicating the militants and warned that its fighters will denounce anyone who targets pilgrims or the holy sites. We tell our Islamic nation that its vanguard militants will denounce before God anyone who attacks the Kaaba and the pilgrims, the statement said. We are among those who seek the most to preserve the blood of Muslims, wherever they may be, and specially those in Makkah which is the most sacred site ever, it said. AQAP accused Saudi Arabias rulers of lies and said Prince Nayef made his remarks on Wednesday in a bid to tarnish the image of the fighters. It warned that attacks on holy sites, public places and mosques would serve the interests of the US commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, to tarnish the jihadists.