A FIRE at a petting zoo in Germany killed 26 domesticated animals, with neighboring elephants and hippos seconds from death, German media reported Saturday night. Ponies, miniature donkeys, sheep, goats and alpacas were among the animals that died in the overnight blaze at Karlsruhe Zoo, in southwestern Germany, with only pigeons able to escape. Four elephants, two hippos and 70 flamingos were rescued from nearby smoke-filled enclosures, the Handelsblatt newspaper reported. At one point, 100 firefighters tackled the blaze, which was first noticed by nearby residents at 4:00am local time. The cause of the blaze was not yet known. Our whole house zoo is completely gone. Im shocked, said the zoos director, Gisela von Hegel. Authorities said that apart from the petting enclosure, the zoo would be open for business as usual Sunday. Fox News