ISLAMABAD - The PPP-led ruling coalition seems to be in a fix to get the IMF sponsored Reformed General Sales Tax(RGST) Bill passed by the apparently divisive Parliament in order to secure $1.6 billion under the IMFs Standby Loan Agreement Programme. Well-placed parliamentary sources told TheNation on Sunday that PPPs two important coalition partners, the MQM and the ANP, were reluctant to budge from their respective positions in the crucial meeting of NA Standing Committee on Finance headed by PPP Central Information Secretary Fouzia Wahab which is expected to meet soon after Eid-ul-Azha. The committee would discuss and evolve consensus over the proposed RGST Bill, which seeks 15 per cent tax to fulfil the IMF conditions. Sources expected similar opposition from PPP allies in the Senate as well. They were of the view that PPPs move actually aimed at evolving the due consensus over the proposed RGST Bill as soon as possible so that it could be presented in the National Assembly during the next session. However, informed sources were not much optimistic that PPP would be able to get the proposed bill (that many believed would give phenomenal boost to inflation in the country) passed in the given situation in the Parliament. It looks an uphill task that the PPP could pass the bill without the support of its coalition partners especially the opposition parties are severely against it, sources said. Some of them were of the view that the PPP was not serious in getting the proposed Bill passed and just sought to kill time to secure the badly needed IMFs sixth tranche to surmount the given economic challenges faced by the country. Few took serious exception to the statements of some PPP ministers that financial resources to be generated through RGST would be spent to mitigate the sufferings of 20 million flood-affected people. This is a cruel joke with the flood victims, a source told TheNation on anonymity, adding the government had been deferring levying of GST since the Fiscal Budget 2010-2011, and now IMF is reluctant to release the 6th instalment until the PPP-led government fulfils it commitment with regard to imposition of RGST as well as power sector reforms.