Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani conceding presence of the corruption and governance problems however said that his government is not ineligible. Speaking at Pakistan Development Forum in Islamabad on Monday, Prime Minister Gilani said the country is introducing reforms in various sectors and steps are being taken for good governance under which the government will disband 10 ministries soon. The Prime Minister said Pakistan has confronted terrorism and devastation by flooding suffering billions of dollars losses. PM said for the betterment of the country un popular decisions were made , recent floods have been devastating and foreign assistance is required from the world community. He said the democratic government believes in freedom of speech and criticism is always welcome. PM Yousaf Raza Gillani has said we welcome criticism and believe in freedom of speech, but unnecessary criticism can create many problems. PM said we want to give news of hope to the people. He said the democratic government has introduced the 7th NFC awards and 18th amendment was passed with mutual consent which gave autonomy to the provinces and 10 ministries will be handed over to the provinces soon. He said that the government is working towards the economic reforms and with the help of world community reforms will be introduced in our tax system and good governance shall soon prevail and good news will be given to the people. He said Pakistan is blessed with unlimited resources and Pakistan development forum is a good way of being connected to the rest of the world. He said that partnership between the public and private sector will be very beneficial for the prosperity of the country . In order to eliminate poverty and unemployment private sector needs to be developed. He said that access to the world markets and business opportunity can make Pakistan enter in to the developing race. Unfortunately Pakistan like many other developing countries lacks good governance and due to which corruption is blooming, the present government has introduced reform programs in the institutions so that the process of development can be taken further in a very clear way he appreciated the efforts of Finance Minister Doctor Hafeez Sheikh for successfully taking the financial reforms forward. PM said because of the terrorist threats in the country no foreign investor is investing , the government is trying its level best to curb this problem as it is the foremost responsibility of the government to provide peace and security to the people.