LAHREO - Hast-o-Neest Centre for Traditional Art & Culture was inaugurated with an exhibition of Islamic calligraphy and illumination, miniature painting and traditional metal work and special showing of rare Nastaliq calligraphy from the Fakir Khana Museum collection at Anarkali on Sunday. The center was previously named The Croweaters Gallery. More than thirty callig-raphic pieces including fifteen pieces by Sara Malik, Farha Jabeen, Murad Khan and Alyssabheobus were presented on the occasion. The programme was included a panel discussion on Lahori Nastaliq and a discussion on selected pieces from the Fakir Khana Museum. Custodian of the Fakir Khana Museum Fakir Syed Saifud Din, Renowned architect and scholar Kamil Khan Mumtaz, General Secretary Calligraphers Association of Pakistan Irfan Ahmed Qureshi were among the panelists of the discussion. The event was ended with a musical performance by the artists of Patiala Gharana and grandsons of Ustad Amanat Ali Khan including Salman Amjad Amanat Ali, Ali Amjad Amanat Ali, and Sikander Asad Amanat.