LAHROE - Khasar Tehrik Pakistan (KTP) held a protest demonstration for the release of Dr Afia Siddiqi in front of Lahore Press Club on Sunday. Speaking to the protesters, KTP chief Dr Sabeeha Al-Mashraqi said the government should ensure the security arrangements of Dr Afias children and family as well as of all the citizens of country. She condemned the refined GTS and Flood surcharge saying IMF and other international monetary institutions were exploiting the third world countries. She said feudalism should be eradicated to put the country on the way to progress. She further said five percent elite class of the country were provoking the masses to rise for their rights. Dr Sabeeha also condemned the recent brutal terrorist blast at Karachi. She said terrorism in the country was the result of strategic partnership with America against war on terror. She demanded of the government to cut the supply line of NATO. Khaksar leaders including Zaigham Masharqi, Abdu-u-Sattar Akhtar Abadi, Rana Mohammad Ayub, Tahir Iqbal Khan, Mohammad Hussain, Younis Bhatti, Yaseen Bhatti and others were also present on the occasion.