ISLAMABAD Taking advantage of the Eid ul Azha, the LPG mafia in Pakistan has dropped another inflationary bomb on the helpless consumer by increasing the price of gas by Rs 8 per kg while price of the product in the international market is unchanged. Marring Eid happiness of the poor people, profiteers and black marketers while actively taking advantage of the rising inflation have upped price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by Rs 8 per kilogram without any notification by OGRA. The recent price hike of LPG by the gas mafia will hit domestic consumers directly and would increase their economic burden. According to LPG Distributors Association, at present after an unjust raise of Rs 8 per kg, the domestic cylinder price has been increased to Rs 100 and price of commercial cylinder has been raised to Rs 400. In Azad Jammu and Kashmir particularly in Muzaffarabad and Federally Administered Tribal Areas, LPG is being sold at Rs 150 per kg. Chairman LPG Distributors Association, Irfan Khokhar, while criticising this unfair raise in LPG price, has declared it an irrational and unjustified. He categorically termed it an inflation bomb on the poor nation. He informed that after this raise in LPG prices, domestic cylinder would be available at Rs 1730 instead of Rs 1630 in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir and FATA. He further said that a major raise of Rs 13 per kg was done in Lahore, as now domestic cylinder would be available at Rs 1390 instead of Rs 1294. He also informed that in Murree and Islamabad, this raise would be Rs 130 per kg. As a result, domestic cylinder would be available at Rs 1510. He further said that in Karachi, the domestic cylinder would be sold at Rs 1054. Strongly criticising the present hike in LPG price, LPG Distributors Association has warned that if Chairman OGRA did not control this price of gas, they would hold a countrywide strike on November 25.