ISLAMABAD - Much has been reported about ineptness of PIA management and its harsh behaviour towards the passengers, but the question that many among us ask if there will be an end to the sufferings of people at the hands of those governing the affairs of PIA. Unfortunately the passengers, travelling to places like DG Khan and Rahim Yar Khan especially on the occasions of Eid, experience worst kind of mental torture at the hands of staff of countrys national airline. In the latest incident, some of the passengers travelling from Lahore to Rahim Yar Khan on Saturday (November 13) were shocked when PIA staff asked them to wait two days for delivery of their luggage. When contacted on Sunday, Manager General PIA Sultan said the passengers were told before boarding the flight that their luggage would be transported after two days through another flight. However, contrary to what he said, passengers claimed they were never told about it. My luggage was left at Lahore airport without informing me. When we arrived Rahim Yar Khan, I was informed that since the aircraft was getting overloaded therefore they had to leave luggage of few passengers at Lahore Airport and I will be informed in the evening, a passenger requesting not to be named told this correspondent. Is it possible the craft was getting overloaded even when each passenger is allowed to carry weight up to 20Kg? he said. When it was tried to contact the competent authorities at Rahim Yar Khan airport, they denied answering the queries. Passengers claimed they had been told that they would be informed later in the evening to collect their luggage, yet at 9pm they did not receive any call from the concerned authority. Later on, the passengers were told that it would take at least two days in the delivery of luggage.