KARACHI - The founder and leader of MQM Altaf Hussain has made it clear that MQM will not become part of any step that goes against the interest of the people of the country. While talking to members of the Co-ordination Committee, federal and provincial ministers, and parliamentarians, he said that the salaried class will be directly hit by the imposition of flood surcharge, RGST and additional property tax in Sindh and it would tantamount to pushing the people to commit suicide. He reiterated that instead of burdening the people with new taxes the government should bring the agricultural income under tax net, take action against tax evaders and cut on non-developmental expenses. Altaf Hussain said that it was known to everyone that the landed aristocracy, businessmen, politicians and bureaucrats either did not pay any tax at all or caused a huge loss to the national exchequer by evading taxes. He regretted that the privileged class in the country paid only two per cent of the total tax collected in the country, which, he said, was a gross injustice to salaried people. He warned that the new taxes would bring in its fold a wave of price hike. He said that instead of levying tax on the income of these big landlords, businessmen who did not pay their taxes honestly, the salaried class was being burdened with additional taxes. Altaf Hussain said that the government can save billions of rupees by cutting lavish expenses of the President, Prime Minister and Governors Houses, by reducing non-developmental expenses and earn up to 2 to 3 thousand billion rupees by widening the tax net and taking stern action against the tax evasion. He said that the government was spending billions of rupees in support for Pakistan Steel Mills, Railways and PIA whereas these institutions were falling apart by massive corruption and maladm-inistration. He said that it corruption is eliminated from these institutions, they can become profitable in no time. Referring to the soaring prices of sugar, Altaf Hussain said that the Supreme Court fixed Rs 40/- per kilogram but the order of the Supreme Court was not implemented. He said that it was the result of complicity of sugar mill owners and the hoarders that the price of sugar had skyrocketed. Altaf stressed upon the parliamentarians of the party to discharge their responsibility with honesty and highlight the issues of the people.