ISLAMABAD The notorious saga of Adnan Khawajas appointment as OGDCLs chief has not even settled down when his successor stirred yet another controversy by attempting to grab perks and privileges without fulfilling legal obligations, it is reliably learnt. Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) is set to approve a lucrative salary package for its top official as the Companys Board of Directors are meeting today (Monday). One of the agenda items to be taken up before todays meeting of BoD is to discuss salary package and other benefits to be given to Managing Director, OGDCL, Naeem Malik. Under the present government rules, any official sent on deputation by the government is allowed 20 per cent additional salary over his/her basic salary while still remaining in the government service. These rules allow Naeem Malik to be entitled to a salary package of nearly Rs200,000 per month. On the other hand, if Naeem Malik resigns from Petroleum Ministry and joins OGDCL on contract, he can draw regular MD OGDCLs package, which, according to sources, amounts roughly up to Rs1.4 million per month, along with two official vehicles and a host of other benefits. Sources said that Naeem Malik had not resigned from his parent official department, Petroleum Ministry, but he wanted to get entitlement, a salary package that the MD OGDCL is subscribed to, during his appointment on contractual basis. Interestingly, the notification for the appointment of Naeem Malik as MD OGDCL, issued by Joint Secretary Petroleum Ministry Rashid Mazari on October 15 2010, lacked any mention whether Naeem was appointed MD on deputation or contract basis. It reads: No. (2(5)/2010-Gas. The competent authority has been pleased to approve appointment of Mohammad Naeem Malik as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) for a period of two years with immediate effect. It is learnt that the incumbent MD OGDCL is pressing OGDCL Board of Directors to soften rules for him so that he could avail himself of the contract-related perks while being on deputation from Petroleum Ministry to OGDCL. TheNation made several calls at Naeem Maliks residential and cell numbers on Saturday and Sunday to get his comments on the issue but they went unanswered and unreturned. Head of Legal Services, OGDCL, Amjad Javed, when contacted, expressed ignorance towards the proposed agenda to be taken up by BoD in todays meeting. Naeem Malik was appointed MD OGDCL for two years, thats all I know, I dont know whether his appointment is on deputation or contract based, he said. A member of OGDCL BoD confirmed that the BoD would decide about Naeem Maliks salary package and related perks in todays meeting. The member initially told TheNation that Naeem Malik was appointed MD of the company on contractual basis. After a while, the member denied this and stated that it was not known to any member of BoD whether Naeem Malik was appointed as MD on deputation or contract basis. Everything would be decided today, the official said.