LONDON - In stark contrast to the mood on campuses around the United Kingdom, hundreds of Pakistani students studying at the Oxford University can be affected by the controversial plans to hike the tuition fees. Difference of opinion among the members prevented National Union of Pakistani Students and Alumni (NUPSA) to participate in the protest against the fee hike. From Oxford University Pakistan Societys perspective, the proposed increase is a welcoming move as it would reduce the ever-increasing disparity between the home and international fee and would ensure that the Oxford retains reputation as one of the best educational institutions in the world. The proposed fee structure suggests increased fee for the home students only. The international fee, currently at least four to five times higher than the home fee, would not be increased significantly. Raised fee for home students would also provide need-based scholarships to those who are academically able but financially incapable to attend the Oxford. It is for these reasons why Oxford PakSoc would welcome such an initiative and stand among the fellow students of Christ Church College who already voted in favour of the move. The international fee, currently at least four to five times higher than the home fee, would not be increased significantly. Christ Church Colleges junior common room held an emergency meeting where Sebastien Fivaz, 19-year-old Law student, who proposed the motion last Sunday, said, Its regrettable to raise tuition fees but I dont think we should be in a position where the govt has to plug the hole in funding. The motion was passed with 21 votes in favour and 14 against while four students decided to abstain. But the majority disagreed with the plans to make swingeing cuts in university budgets. Fivaz admitted soaring fees could deter poorer pupils from joining the university. But, he suggested, it could be countered by improving schemes designed to encourage such pupils. It is feared that the top universities, like Oxford and Cambridge, would raise the fee to 9,000, deterring all but the richest from applying. Christ Church, one of the largest Oxford colleges, already has a reputation for attracting large numbers of students from Eton College and other top independent schools. Elsewhere, the union leaders say the increase coupled with cuts in university budgets would mean the end of affordable higher education. Members of the Oxford University Student Union have also added their voices to last weeks protests.