LAHORE - The Punjab government has declined approval to an advertisement about Governor Salman Taseers plan to inaugurate a housing project in Muzaffargarh today (Monday). Punjab govt spokesman Senator Pervaiz Rasheed, according to some credible sources, said the advertisement was aimed at personal promotion of the Governor for which the government would not like to waste public resources. However, Taseer found an alternative, as he managed to get the advertisement published in a section of the press - the payment for which made by the Red Crescent Society, one of the sponsors of the housing project. The employees of the charity organisation and the general public expressed utmost disappointment when Mian Habib, Red Crescent Chairman, spent Rs 40,000 for a cause what the director general public relations (DGPR) claimed as personal publicity tact. Taseer will inaugurate the housing scheme comprising 50 houses constructed under 'Soraj Mohem at 11:00am. The project was initiated to build houses in the flood-hit areas, especially in Muzaffargarh, some months back. Sources claimed that the students from Punjab University, Bahauddin Zikriya University and other leading educational institutions donated in the Accounts Branch of the Red Crescent Society for the noble purpose. Red Crescent Society Chairman Mian Hanif, who is said to be a close friend of the Governor, prepared a special advertisement through which the programme of the inauguration of 50 houses was announced. He moved the advertisement to the DGPR on November 12 where it was registered with the diary number 24050. Mian Hanif urged the DGPR authorities to approve the advertisement besides ensuring its publication in the leading newspapers, the sources said. But Pervaiz Rasheed rejected the advertisement, saying The advertisement was moved back to Mian Hanif, who later got it published in a section of the Press after he paid Rs 40,000 on Sunday, the sources said. Talking to TheNation, a top official in Governor House, requesting not to be named, said Mian Hanif had done so in order to become more close to Taseer. On the other hand, this scribe could not contact Mian Hanif despite repeated attempts.