KARACHI - Imposition of THE Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) will be like killing the goose which lays the golden eggs and it is also like releasing the genie in the shape of public wrath which will devour the government and would bring an anarchy of such proportion that may cause wider damage to the State. The PPP-led government at Islamabad is not ignorant of this fact and knows the devastating effects that the imposition of RGST would have on the already poor masses of the country. For Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and the PPP government the bell of impending danger is constantly ringing but for reasons unknown or over-confidence in ones own ability to run the government, the rulers have gone deaf and could hardly hear the bells of doom that will struck the national economy within hours of RGST. The finance managers of the government are repeatedly criticising the opponents of RGST and demanding that the opponents give an alternate solution to raise about Rs160 billion needed to bridge the gap between resources and expenditure. And when some of well-know economists give them the recipe to avoid levying of RGST, the government refused to accept it. It seems that the government is aware that at the end of the road, a total financial disaster is awaiting for them. But the rulers seem to have decided to destroy themselves rather than to go the way the economists have suggested. Dr. Shahid Hassan Siddiqui, an expert on economy, has suggested a way out for the PPP government to stay away from committing hara-kiri by taking an unpopular decision, which will destroy party and the country. Opposing the RGST, Dr. Hassan said that there is a better and easier way to kill two birds without using a stone. He said the government should immediately announce bringing into tax net all income from every source over Rs 300,000 per year without any exemption. If this measure is taken both in urban and rural areas of the country, he said just one step could yield government revenue of Rs750 billion per year which is far bigger than the projected revenue that the government is hoping out of the RGST imposition. By doing so, the government would save itself from the wrath of the poor and may even be called saviour of national economy. Political observers believed that PML-N though is not conspiring to remove the PPP-led government, is certainly wishing that some thing should happen and the government implode from within, saving itself from the accusations of removing the government from office. The PML-N is moving smartly on RGST issue. It is opposing the intended law in the National Assembly where the party can hardly influence the final success of the bill. But in Punjab Assembly where it has a big majority it is keeping quite. It is like hunting with the hound and running with the hare policy. If PML-N gathers courage and opposes the Bill in Punjab, the RGST would collapse like a house of cards and would not see the light of the day. Those who closely monitor the changing political scenario are of the view that the PPP-led government should look around it and closely scrutinise as to who are his friends and who are its enemies. The Prime Minister may be correct when on the floor of the National Assembly he claimed that democracy-loving army would not intervene or he would not dissolve the National Assembly and there would be no mid-term elections and people and opposition would have to bear with the government in the same manner as they had lived with the dictatorial ten years rule. But he conveniently forgot to mention the possible option of poor masses rising and taking to streets violently engulfing the system of governance like the hot molten lava from a sleeping volcano, which would be awakened by the tsunami of high prices after imposition of RGST.