LAHORE - Supreme Court Bar Association President Asma Jahangir has sent greetings to Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on her release from house detention. The legal fraternity of Pakistan praises the pro-democracy leader for her extraordinary courage and persistence in the face of one of the most brutal military junta that has ruined the economy of the country and continues to oppress its people, particularly ethnic and religious minorities, she said. In a press release issued here on Sunday, Asma said the world community moved at a snails pace to secure Suu Kyis release as a result she remained confined for 15 long years. Suu Kyis personal loss of not being able to mourn her late husband who stood by her throughout her incarceration and long periods of separation from her children is heart-wrenching. The great leader did not show any weakness even for a fraction of a moment. Through determination and love for her people, she made impossible, possible, Asma said. She said Suu Kyi was a symbol of resistance for a just cause. Suu Kyi has defeated brute force. She is truly a legend of the last few decades and worthy of all the honour she has received. Hopefully, she can now steer the country to a peaceful transition to democracy so that the people of Burma can heave a sigh of relief and enjoy a dignified life, Asma said.