LAHORE - Government has failed in implementing the sale of sugar on control prices at Rs 72 per kg due to ambiguous price mechanism, which gives the sugar dealers and shopkeepers a margin to mint money and they still are fleecing the masses by selling such sugar supplied by the government at Rs 80 per kg, TheNation has learnt on Sunday. The Punjab government has purchased sugar at Rs 65 per kg while supplying the same to the wholesalers at Rs 69 per kg who further are selling it in the market after getting their margin instead of selling on control rate at Rs 69 due to which retailers compelled to sale sugar at Rs 80 per kg instead of Rs 72 per kg fixed by the government. In this regard, Parliamentary Secretary Dr Saeed Elahi, while talking to TheNation admitted that despite surplus availability of sugar in the market, the retailers were exploiting the consumers and were overcharging. However, he said the situation would be under control within a couple of days because government was determined to bring down the prices of sugar at Rs 72 per kg. He said not less than 1,700 tons of sugar would reach Lahore today (Monday), which would help the government persisting of sugar prices at Rs 72 per kg. He said federal government also increased bogies for the sugar train from 11 to 17 for quick supply of sugar in the province in general and Lahore in particular. Dr Saeed said CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif would also visit about 50 shops of the City in order to check the prices of sugar and further he directed all the MPAs and MNAs to visit their concerned constituencies in order to check sugar prices and curb the activity of overcharging so that government could ensure sale of sugar according to fixed price. He said CM also directed the Food Department to compel the millers to begin crushing of sugar from today (Monday) in order to overcome the prevailing sugar crisis in the country. He said sugar mills would start supply after a week and before the end of imported sugar quota fixed by the federal government for Punjab. On the other hand, wholesalers and retailers blamed the 'sugar mafia comprising of only seven influential persons for shortage of sugar in the market, who had hoarded large amounts of sugar in their warehouses but still were unchecked by the authorities concerned. Talking to TheNation, President Wholesaler and Dealers Association Asghar Butt said sugar mafia members were highly sourced and even government was also seemed helpless to check and probe into the matter. He said they lifted the entire stock of sugar from mills and even from market for hoarding so that they could create artificial shortage of sugar in the market. Therefore, they have complete hold on sugar market and they have always played important role in the ups and downs of sugar market and even in influencing rates of almost all the daily use commodities as well, Butt added. He said the root cause of disappearance of sugar from the open market was hoarding and such members of 'sugar mafia in fact played important role in this regard so that they could earn billions of rupees overnight. Asghar Butt said wholesalers, keeping in view the problems faced by the citizens, insisted the millers to supply sugar in the market from their stocks for public interest. On which, they initially supplied 2,600 bags of sugar at Rs 68 per kg which were sold by the wholesalers on no profit no loss basis at Rs 69 per kg at seven sale points, fixed by the govt, in the City.