Terrorism is Haram (forbidden) in Islam, and such acts should not be reciprocated in any term, Mufti-e-Azam Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah said while delivering the Hajj sermon. Delivering the Hajj Khutba (sermon) to the Hujjaj (pilgrims) assembled in Mt Arafat to perform a key ritual of Hajj, Mufti Azam said that Allah Almighty dubbed the Muslims as best Ummah on the face of the earth, and he whoever kills a Muslim deliberately would be sent to Hell. He said that Islam condemns any that act, which aims at creating anarchy in the society, adding that, and as being the religion of peace it calls for end to cruelty and defiance. Sending divine revelations and raising the Prophets was meant for the message of Allahs oneness; and this succession of guidance for human being is in progress, he said. The Grand Mufti said Allah sent the Last and Final Prophet (peace be upon him) with complete code of conduct and this (shariah) is in harmony with human nature, as it caters to all mans natural and material needs. Human inner being (nafs) excites him to do evil. The Grand Mufti said the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) presented a comprehensive concept of ibadat. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said Allah Almighty conferred men with reason and consciousness so that he can differentiate between good and bad. We should respect each other. Even those people who are defaming Islam, also offer prayers, lamented the Mufti. However, Allahs pious men will change fear with peace, for it is only in peace that we can worship and establish mosques. He said that Islam believes in co-existence and harmony. The door of repentance remains open in our religion, it never closes. He called upon the Muslims to eat what is Halal and avoid the forbidden; dont hanker after vain desires; follow the Quran and Sunnah. Islam endorses moderation where materialism has no room, the Mufti advised. Around 2.5 million Muslims assembled on Monday at Mount Arafat for Wuquf-e-Arafat, the key ritual of annual Hajj pilgrimage.