US will provide $ 500 million to Pakistan immediately under the Kerry Lugar Bill , while Japan will assist in the reconstruction and rehabilitation work of the flood affectees with $500 million in the form of grants and Britain will provide Rs18 million for the rehabilitation. Richard Holbrook on Monday while addressing to the meeting of Pakistan FD said that the US is well aware of the problems faced by Pakistan and every possible assistance will be provided and for that reason according to the Kerry Lugar bill $500 million will be released immediately and the cost of the helicopters is not included in this. Holbrook said that the people should pay their taxes to enable the government to solve their own financial problems in helping the ones in distress. He further said that new policies will be devised next year in the congress to provide more financial assistance to Pakistan. Addressing the PDF forum Hafeez Sheikh said that this forum is not for getting the debts waived off or to raise charity but to formulate a development programme policy. He informed that this democratic government inherited a lot of financial problems but due to comprehensive policies devised by the government inflation has been controlled and the there has been a decline in the monetary deficit and collectively production has been increased and the stock market has been stabilized. He further informed that due to the 18th amendment and NFC awards federal powers are been shifted to the provinces. UK Foreign Secretary Andrew Mitchell said that his country would provide RS 18 billion for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of flood affectees. He said that Pak-UK relations are long lasting adding that no one can negate the sacrifices made by Pakistan in its war against terroe. He said we want to see a bright and prosperous future for Pakistan. He said Pakistan is facing many challenges and the recent floods and terrorism have added to the woos of Pakistanis. He asked the international community to come forward and help Pakistan . He said that his country has always helped Pakistan in its time of need and would continue to do so. IMF Representative in Pakistan Adnan MAzari speaking on the occasion said that due to floods Pakistan would not be able to achieve its GDP target and inflation has risen by 15 to 16 percent. He said that Pakistan would have to overcome current account deficit. Asian Development Bank representative said that two billion dollars have been given to Pakistan and in the future also when ever Pakistan needs assistance we will provide it to them.