KARACHI - The violence is feared during three days of Eid-ul-Azha, as the political and religious parties have chalked out their strategies to collect hides of sacrificial animals in every manner, the high place source of the Sindh Police informed TheNation. The source said that there were chances of bloodbath, as million of rupees were involved in the collection of hides of sacrificial animal. The source added that Provincial Home Department had also banned the establishment of camps as collection points of hides. However, the source said that in order to counter the violent elements on Eid-Azha and ensure peaceful observance, the special branch of the all police stations have conducted several meetings with the area representatives of the political and religious parties, and had devised a foolproof plan. He added that during the meeting of special branch, it was decided that the political and religious parties would set up their stalls in narrow streets and rooftops of the houses and cannot move freely to collect the hides or establish the camps. He said, We have suggested that the people who want to give the hides of sacrificial animals to any party, they should drop the hides themselves to their collection points. He further informed that during Eid-ul Azha, police high-ups would also ensure special deployment to check thefts, dacoities as well snatching of hides of sacrificial animals. Instructions have been issued to take special initiatives during Eid-ul Azha so that the chance of violence would be lessened, he informed. He said the additional police force including elite force, detectives and special branch would be posted at all major markets, shopping complexes and malls as large number of customers will gather here ahead of the second biggest religious festival of Muslims. It is pertinent to mention here that the Sindh Home Department on October 13 issued a code of conduct for collection of hides of sacrificial animals on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. According to the statement, the code of conduct was chalked out in a meeting of religious parties and social work organisations, according to which social welfare organisations and NGOs would have to take permission from DCOs for collecting hides of sacrificial animals on three Eid days and only those welfares organisations and NGOs would be given permission to collect hides that are registered and also signed on the code of conduct, pledging to follow it in letter and spirit. The statement further said that setting up of camps for collecting hides would not be allowed, besides announcements and appeals on loudspeakers from mosques, seminaries and offices would be banned. People would have a free right to donate sacrificial hides to any charity of their choice. Production of national identity card, organisations card and affidavit copy from DCOs would be must for those transporting the hides of sacrificial animals; otherwise, law and enforcers would have a right to take action against such people. The security would be provided to the hide transportation vehicles of charities and they would have to inform DCOs about their transportation vehicles and their routes before November 15. All kinds of license allowing carrying weapons would be suspended during the three days of Eid-ul-Azha, the report added.