PESHAWAR – Despite repeated complaints of the public regarding the alleged corruption of police, on Ring Road and Peshtakhara Square, the relevant authorities and police highups are reluctant to take action against the corrupt elements in the police department, who have turned the main Ring Road of Peshawar to a ‘Golden Sparrow’ for police.

Reliable sources confided to TheNation that several untoward incidents had taken place on Ring Road where the police personnel are keenly interested to be deputed to get handsome amounts of money through illegal means. Few months back, police personnel had allegedly killed a truck driver over dispute over bribery amount. Later, the relatives of the truck driver placed his dead body on the main road and protested against Peshtakhara Police.

Now police personnel deputed on Ring Road has adopted another tactic by bargaining with those car drivers who are bringing Afghan nationals from Landi Kotal. When these vehicles enter the Peshawar region, the drivers giving indication to police for identifying the Afghan nationals and thus both the police and car drivers jointly compromise and fix the amount which they grab from the pocket of the poor Afghan refugees.

One of the Afghan nationals complained that police harassed him despite having valid passport and visa documents. Wwhen he told him that he had genuine passport and visa, the police replied that where has mentioned in his passport that he would not give bribe to the police.

Few days back, Director Anti-Corruption, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Syed Fyaz Ali Shah, constituted a team after receiving complaints regarding Excise and Custom police for harassing the masses on Ring Road as well as on motorway toll plaza.

These teams after raiding Peshawar Motorway Toll Plaza had arrested excise department personnel on the spot when he was demanding money from two trucks as bribe. The anti-corruption team arrested personnel of excise police and registered a case against them.

Similarly, these customs and excise officers were later deputed near PF check post in Banamari police station, and Peshtakhwar police station where they continued looting the masses.

According to reports, the police through high approach are getting their duty on Ring Road and Peshtakhata to take bribe from motorists.

Instead of controlling the crime ratio and entry of explosives to Peshawar, police have only focused their pockets and they are not serious to protect the lives and properties of the citizen. Last weak armed robbers looted 13 persons on the back side of Sarhad University building. The robbers looted cash money and mobiles from these persons.

Similarly, the dead body of Maulana Gul Nasib, who was resident of Waziristan, was also killed in this area while another resident of Achar Kaly was also gunned down in the jurisdiction of Peshtakhara police station.

It is mentioning here that high-ranking police officers should identify these elements who are involved in this ugly business of corruption.