LAHORE – PML-Likeminded Balochistan President Mir Mukarram Zehri has said that the situation in Balochistan is getting worse as the political deadlock coupled with the problems has made the life of people miserable.

While talking to TheNation, Zehri said that Baloch people are quite confused and nervous as they do not find any way out.

He said doctors in the public hospitals are on long strike, and political turmoil has added to the problems of the masses when they are already living under an acute sense of insecurity.   Explaining the situation in Balochistan public hospitals, he said over the four-week long strike lakhs of people suffered that too amid a situation which did not guarantee them safe return home.  He said doctors themselves are the target of the killing in the province but the Balochistan government is doing nothing for their protection.

He further said that doctors community is in panic while the government should ensure protection so that they get back to business and treat the patients.

He said every Baloch is carrying a question mark on his face today as he does not know what is happening and who has to control the situation.