PESHAWAR – To devise a comprehensive strategy against the security forces’ prolonged operations, and the US predators attacks in the tribal region, the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of tehsil Bara Khyber Agency have called a ‘Grand Shura meeting’ on coming Sunday.

The tribesmen expressed grave concern over the inhuman and indifferent attitude of Peshawar police and asked the nationalist rulers to stop humiliating attitude of the law enforcement agencies personnel with the already depressed people for extortion of money. The Grand Shura meeting would be held at the Jalozai makeshift camp, PTI Khyber Agency leader, Iqbal Afridi, said.

Addressing a news conference on Wednesday here at the Press Club, chief of their self-introduced Grand Shura, Haji Gulbat Afridi, PTI leader from Khyber Agency, Iqbal Afridi along with some displaced persons said that the internally misplaced people from Bara were facing enormous difficulties due to lack of adequate facilities at the makeshift Jalazai camp.

He said that the registration process for the helpless families was also suspended, whereas the authorities concerned were also not give any attention towards the miseries facing the displaced families. A number of displaced families were deprived of even basic relief items due to halt of registration process, he added.

Afridi also alleged that the NGOs are involved in corruption - by selling out food items in open market. Whereas substandard relief food items were being distributed among the militancy-hit displaced peoples. The administration had suspended the distribution of relief package among the affectees several times for their personal benefits, he claimed. On the occasion, Iqbal Afridi said that the tribal people had suffered huge losses of lives and property in the wake of excessive security forces operations in especially in Bara.

He accused that the drone campaign was being carried out with the permission of corrupt rulers in which innocent people are being killed.

He said that a large number of people had fled from their hometowns to take shelter in temporary facilities, but no proper facilities were available to them at these shelters. He expressed grave concern over the allegedly indifferent attitude of police with IDPs at the settled areas.

The IDP have demanded of the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, higher officials of police and Chief Justice Peshawar High Court to take notice of the situation.

They warned of the government to hold a long march to Islamabad and besiege the Parliament House, if their demands were not fulfilled immediately.