LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday blamed the poor foreign polices of PPP for the distant relationship of Pakistan with other states.

“Due to corruption by the PPP leadership, relations of Pakistan with friendly countries are no longer the same,” said the Chief Minister while talking to assembly members from various districts.

The CM said that the National economy had been destroyed and the people were sick of incompetent federal rulers as their policies have denied them fruit of the democratic system. He said that the Punjab government was implementing a revolutionary development programme which was boosting standard of living of the people.

He said that the PML-N government in Punjab introduced the culture of merit and transparency, at every level and in every sector due to which it has also won the appreciation of international institutions.

He said that our hands were clean, while the incompetent government of People’s Party has distributed largesse among its cronies, thereby destroying the national institutions. Shahbaz Sharif said that the next general elections would not be about forming a government but will be about the survival of Pakistan for which PML-N would achieve a thumping success on the basis of its performance.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the federal government had given nothing except pain to the people while the Punjab government has provided them great relief. He said that the unjustified treatment being meted out to Punjab over loadshedding, was vigorously raised in the Council of Common Interests. He said Zar Baba and thr forty thieves had mercilessly looted Pakistan, for four and a half years. But he warned that the days of looters and plunderers were over now.

He directed members of the assembly to keep a close liaison with the people of their constituencies and work vigorously to solve their problems. He further directed members of assembly to closely monitor development work in their area, and keep a strict eye on the quality of construction and material being used.

Separately, Bihar Chief Minister Natish Kumar met Shahbaz. During the meeting, they   stressed the need for resolving disputes through dialogue.

The Bihar chief minister also visited Katas Raj Temple at Choa Saiden Shah. Planning & Development Ch Abdul Ghafoor, MNA Ch Ayaz Mir, MPA Iffat Liaqat, members of the Indian delegation SMP Deno Kumari, Minister Sri Ashook Kumar Sinha, Chief Secretary Behar Sri Anjani Kumar Singh, Naushad Ahmad, Amir Subhani, Saleem Pervaiz and Sri MK Kumar Singh in addition to Pakistani officials were present.