A HIGH-flying Chinese businessman has found the perfect way to beat traffic jams on his way to the office. Instead of spending three hours in a car criss-crossing Zhuzhou city in Hunan province, Zeng Daxia learned to parasail so he can rise above the traffic jams and congestion. “I work and live at different ends of the city, so I used to waste lots of time in traffic jams in my commute every day,” explained Zeng. “Now I can drift above all of them and get to work in just a few minutes. There are a few of us doing it now because the traffic here is so bad,” he added. Local flight regulations says the powered paragliders are legal as long as Zeng doesn’t fly over military air bases and keeps below 1,000 metres. “It may sound cruel but I like to fly low - just so I can see the frustration on the drivers’ faces,” sajd Zeng.–WO