KARACHI -.The workers of the Sindh National Movement (SNM) and Awami Jamhori Party (AJP) continued their hunger strike against the controversial Sindh Local Government Ordinance (SLGO) on Wednesday.SNM leader Ali Hassan Chandio and AJP leader Hareef Chandio lead the protesters including women and children to Press Club, where score of political activists sat whole day, chanting the slogans against the PPP government for passing the controversial law. The leaders of the SNM and AJP vowed to continue their struggle until the withdrawal of SLGO. They said that Sindh people had made the province a ‘no-go area’ for those who had betrayed them by imposing a system that was aimed to divide Sindh. They warned that if Sindh Assembly approved the local government law in its Thursday’s session, the protest will take new turn and the PPP leaders would not be able to go in their constituencies. The nationalist leaders held government and its allies responsible for the lawlessness and killings of innocent peoples in the city as criminals who were involved in the bloodshed were released on parole.Meanwhile, Employees’ Old Age Benifis Institution (EOBI) Chairman Zafar Iqbal Gondal has requested the working community to register themselves with EOBI for securing their future.Stating the benefits, he said: “EOBI provides Old Age Pension, Survivors Pension and Invalidity Pension to the registered workers as well as benefits of the WWF are also available to the employees registered with EOBI.” He said that families of registered workers were entitled to receive death grant from the WWF on the demise of their bread earners. EOBI has also opened its registration for self-employed, home based workers and common people who are not associated with any employer, but want to be registered, he added.He said that they will be required to pay contributions to the EOBI and would get pension after reaching the age of 60 and 55The EOBI chairman said that the government had taken revolutionary steps for working class and EOBI pensioners and minimum pension had been raised from Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,600 per month. He urged employees of EOBI to do their best to facilitate the poor beneficiaries.Speaking at the occasion, DG of Operation Javed Iqbal said that EOBI adopted the Easy Paisa service to facilitate the beneficiaries He said that self-employed persons could also register themselves with EOBI by depositing Rs480 per month to get benefits from more than 80 regional and field offices across the country.