LAHORE – Unidentified car-riders kidnapped a woman at gunpoint and released her after receiving Rs 6 million from her under duress in Defense Housing Authority, police sources said on Wednesday.

Resident of (B-Block) DHA, Ambar Bokhari told the police that she was coming out of a bank after withdrawing cash when gunmen kidnapped her. The men took her along with them in a car and threatened her that they would kill her children if she immediately did not pay the entire amount available in her bank account.

The victim ultimately paid Rs 6 million to the abductors to get her safe release. The police are investigating with no arrest made so far.

In another incident, dacoits barged into the house of Rahat Raza in North Cantonment police vicinity and took away cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs one million after holding the inmates hostage at gunpoint.  Robbers also looted a shop situated in Manga Mandi police area and snatched away cash and valuables worth Rs one million.  Meanwhile, three cars were driven away from Islampura, Sabzazar and Gulshan-e-Ravi police areas while five motorcycles were stolen away from Ravi Road, Islampura, Gowalmandi, Muslim Town and Sabzazar police precincts.

Two arrested: The Lahore High Court guards on Wednesday arrested two people over photographing lawyers and handed over to the Anarkali police for further interrogation.

Two lawyers were standing outside the court of Justice Sheikh Najamul Hassan to attend proceedings in a case when two people, identified as Munir and Asif, captured by lawyers.

The lawyers alleged the both suspect were making their pictures and videos through mobile phones. The lawyers handed over them security police of LHC after beating them. Both accused are said to be cousins.