Extra matrimonial relations are condemned everywhere, the recent case of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Chief General David Petraeus was appalling in the extreme, not because he is not a man and capable of doing such reprehensible act, but because his position demanded utter discretion and respect. Today, many news channels ran the news of his betrayal to his position, but what was amazing was that he was given high praise. Such is the case, as he timely tendered his resignation when it was deemed appropriate. What may have seemed as his weakness was turned into his strength. On accepting his resignation President Obama highly commended his services and his contributions. He was not hesitant to say that it was a great loss to the country as he had such a distinguished personality who had remarkably excelled in countering terrorism and certainly he was one of the best people in the country? Many officials and politicians praised him for his far sightedness and leadership qualities. They were one in saying that he is unmatched and will be remembered for ever.

We may hate him on a personal level, for the drone attacks and other anti-Pakistan acts, but we have to give him credit for standing up for his principles. Even though it seems strange that a country, that on personal level has few moral values left, what with same sex marriages and liberty to indulge in every immoral act by choice, a man is taken to task for his illicit relationship?


Kuwait, November 10.