LAHORE – The founder of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) and former army chief, Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf claimed that he had barred secret services for interfering in country’s political affairs during his reign.

In an interview to a foreign radio, Musharraf maintained that he had made a principle decision for stopping the interference of the intelligence services into the politics of the country and halted the intelligence agencies from meddling in the political affairs. Commenting over the cases against some former senior army officers, he observed that a conspiracy was in place to weaken and demoralise the Pakistan Army.

He added that weakening the army means weakening the country.

Talking about the drone attacks, he made an astonishing revelation by saying that extremists were the targets of these unmanned aerial raids, while the numbers of the civilian causalities in these attacks were exaggerated. He maintained that he had made no written agreement or verbal understanding with the United States  for drone raids and that he protested with former US president George W Bush over the drone attacks at various occasions.