VEHARI - Deputy Prime Minister Pervaiz Elahi addressing a public meeting in Vehari said that his party would contest the upcoming general election on the basis of development carried out in his era as Punjab chief minister.

He said that his government launched a number of programmes for the welfare of masses including Rescue 1122, consumer courts, health facilities, cardiology centres in Multan, Faisalabad and Wazirabad.

He said his government also started free education for all and awarded millions of rupees scholarships to the deserving poor.

He said his government also provided gas to Vehari and other cities of South Punjab. He said that development of South Punjab was a top priority of his party, adding that he was in favour of creation of South Punjab province.

He said that the present Punjab government was wasting billions of rupees on Danish School system while hundreds of schools in Punjab were deprived of basic facilities.

Pervaiz Elahi said, “Shabbaz Sharif having 22 ministries is delivering nothing for the welfare of common people and spending Rs72 billion “Jangla bus programme” (Metro Bus Service).

Deputy Prime Minister Pervaiz Elahi said his party after coming to power would construct new roads across the Punjab without any discrimination. Later, he met with the party workers at Circuit House.

He also announced Tahir Iabal as his party candidate for NA-169 and urged the masses to vote for him in the general elections.

He said that Tahir Iqbal and his party after coming to power would fulfill all the development promises. Zahid Iqbal, the president of PML-Q Punjab Youth Wing, in his address welcomed the guest.

The MPA briefed the deputy prime minister about the problem being faced by the people of the area and also demanded further development funds for the area. Tahir said that the people were remembering the era of PML-Q and its development programmes.