ISLAMABAD – As the winter is approaching fast, the sale of winter clothes, new as well as secondhand, has been gaining momentum in twin cities.

All kinds of wears and accessories including gloves, woolen hats, mufflers, pullovers, sweater shirts and jackets are seen hanging in front of shops and booths of weekly bazaars, attracting the customers.

People, poor as well as rich thronged markets to buy warm clothes. The sale of woolen clothes, particularly the second-hand variety, has shoot up, various customers observed. A landa stall owner Salman Shah said that the demand of second-hand warm clothes were on the rise and he expected that as cold rises the sale would also increase.

Most of the people prefer to visit weekly bazaars as several varieties are available over there. “We have no other option but to sale clothes on high rates as we also have bought them on high prices” Syed Ghulam a shopkeeper said. The vendors are doing brisk business as their clothes are selling like hot cakes.

Heaps of second-hand quilts, blankets and rugs are up for sale here in the weekly markets and crowds of people, both poor and rich can be seen bargaining with retailers in markets and weekly bazaars where heaps of these articles are displayed for sale. “The poor people get warm clothes from Landa Bazaars or second-hand clothes markets at very cheap prices”, said Anwar Khan a shopper at weekly bazaar.

“The prices of new winter wears are out of our reach. We, therefore, rush to second-hand clothes stalls, where we get quality clothes at affordable rates”, he added.