ISLAMABAD - Taking notice of the derogatory remarks of Malik Riaz against the one-man commission probing Dr Arsalan Iftikhar-Malik Riaz case,commission chairman Shoaib Suddle issued contempt notice to Malik Riaz, summoning him on November 19.The commission stated in the notice that by levelling baseless allegations on the chairman of the commission, Riazhad not only committed the contempt of the commission but also attempted to malign the office of tax ombudsman.Using its judicial power, the commission has summoned Malik Riaz in person on November 19 to explain his position and provide evidence of the charges he had leveled against Suddle.After appearing before the commission on Tuesday, Riaz, besides expressing no-trust in the commission, accused that Suddle was taking sides with Arsalan Iftikhar to get an extension in his service.According to sources, the commission had already served a notice on the Interior Ministry, seeking explanation why the names of Dr Arsalan Iftikhar and Malik Raiz were put on the Exit Control List(ECL).The notice also demanded explanation why the commission were not being allocated the staff it required to proceed its probe.The commission had directed the interior minister to appear before the commission, which he did not follow.The interior minister was given three days to come up with a reply on the queries, which will expire today. The commission can initiate contempt of court proceedings against the bosses of the ministry.