NOWSHERA VIRKAN - The benefits of reduced rate of Compressed Natural Gas are still a dream for the general public as the TMA has failed to implement reduced transport fares.

As per details, transporters are charging the same fares as before the reduction of CNG rate.

They are charging according to the petrol rates though there are Compressed Natural Gas -powered. Law enforcement agencies are unable to implement new fares. Due to this violation, several quarrels between transporters and passengers have become the routine.

Regular passengers, including students, officials and traders demanded the higher authorities concerned, especially RTC secretary, should take a strict action against violators and make the implementation of reduced fares.

SECURITY PLAN: Assistant Commissioner Ali Akbar Bhindar in a meeting regarding Muharram Security directed the officials for strict security and administrative arrangements during the holy month.

He directed the officials to carry out a joint visit to procession routs in the city and take necessary actions if needed. While addressing peace committee, he said that no one would be allowed to sabotage the peace during Muharram.

The Assistant Commissioner, appealed to religious scholars for promoting tolerance and harmony.

Religious Scholars, DSP, SHO, Medical Superintendent THQ, and President Press were also present in the meeting.