LAHORE - The speakers at a seminar have urged the government to develop Pakistan as an exemplary modern welfare state as envisioned by Allama Iqbal by providing masses the basic needs at affordable prices, including food, health and education facilities.

Remembering Allama Iqbal’s contribution and services to the nation, the engineers gathered at IEP to celebrate the achievements of this poet, philosopher and economist. The speakers said that presently, the biggest issue of the country and the general public is energy shortage which can be resolved only through construction of large dams but government is not taking interest in this regard. Mashkoor Hussain Yad, a famous poet and writer, was the ghief guest while IEP Lahore Centre Chairman Syed Khalid Sajjad, Convenor Dr Javed Younas Uppal, Engr. Saeed Iqbal Bhatti were the key speakers of the function.  IEP Lahore Centre Chairman Syed Khalid Sajjad argued that country cannot turn into welfare state without resolving energy crisis which requires construction of large dams. He said that Pakistan’s survival is tied to early construction of Kalabagh dam, which is being delayed in the name of provincial harmony. There should be some limits for so called inter-provincial harmony, which is yet to be defined in clear terms, he added.

Mega power projects have been delayed due to reservations of international lenders while country continues to face worst loadshedding and water crisis which is putting future of Pakistan at stake, he said. We urgently need KBD, the most feasible power generation and water storage facility which is being ignored by the successive governments to keep some politicians happy, he added.  Dr Javed Younas Uppal said that terrorists and religious extremists can be defeated through Allama Iqbal poetry and teachings.