LAHORE - A cultural evening was held at the Government College University for the participants of the three-day international conference on “Local Representation of Power in South Asia”. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleequr Rahman hosted the ceremony, while GCU Political Science Department (PSD) Chairperson Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt and foreign experts from China, Germany, India and UK were also present.    

Speaking on the occasion, the vice chancellor said GCU had set a tradition of holding a cultural evening at the sidelines of each international conference to provide their students and faculty members an opportunity to informally interact and exchange ideas with the top foreign and national scientists, and such interactions led to fruitful long term collaborations.

He appreciated the efforts of the conference chairman, Dr Khalid Butt and other members of organizing team, for holding a very successful conference.

Dr Khalid Butt said that GCU PSD always highlighted the crucial national issues; last year they had held an international conference on water politics which also received widespread acclaim at the national and international level.

He said that a policy dialogue would be held at the concluding session of the conference in which a large number bureaucrats, politicians and academicians would participate and discuss different forms of local representation of power in South Asia to draw a conclusion about their degree of success in providing public services and safety, their role in arbitration and adjudication and other related issues like electoral process, administrative capacity, financial autonomy, and accountability of local governments.