Islamabad -  Dr Irshad Hussain Qureshi, an eminent health expert and professor of King Edward Medical University, said on Friday that healthy diet, change in lifestyle, exercise and brisk walk are essential prerequisites to cure diabetes.

In an interview with state-run television channel, he said there were 360 million diabetics in 2011 which can exceed to 55o million by 2030. He said that diabetes is rapidly spreading across the globe specially in Asia and Africa.

Although it is hereditary disease yet it can be caused due to change in lifestyle, lack of walk, exercise, stress and bad eating habits.

He said sugar is basically of two kinds, insulin dependent i.e. type 1 diabetes in which insulin dependent cells are completely destroyed and that is why patient start taking insulin in the  very onset of disease.

“Approximately, there are 5 percent of type 1 diabetes patients out of  100, rest of 95 percent are of adult type that is called type 2 diabetes and that can occur at the age of 40 partly due to lack of insulin in the body and partlydue to weak immune system”, he added.

Replying to a question, he said basically diabetes is a very complex syndrome actually it occurs when sugar,fats, proteins do not work properly and the metabolism gets disturbed from toe to hairs. Diabetes is a harmful condition for eyes, legs so it should be controlled either through diet, medicines or change of lifestyle.