ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Rawalpindi, has arrested main accused Syed Mussarat Abbas Shah Naqvi, Additional Secretary, and Muhammad Akram, an employee of Senate, in Senate Secretariat Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad on charges of corruption.

Both officials were involved in corrupt practices, cheating public at large and embezzlement of the funds of the society. The accused Syed Mussarat Abbas Shah Naqvi in connivance with other accused cheated public at large in funds of the society and deprived them of millions of rupees.

The NAB had received complaint regarding gross irregularities pointed out in audit report of above society for the year 2010. It was alleged in the complaint that the members of ex-management of society were responsible for all the irregularities.

The major points raised in audit report were incomplete books of accounts, failure on the part of ex-management and ex-purchase committee to hold its meetings, indulging of society management in litigation cases and committing irregularities in purchase of land.            –Our Staff Reporter

The accused are alleged for mis-utilisation and embezzlement in funds of the society amounting to Rs 92 million approximately.