Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf has said that Kot Radha Kishan incident was an inhuman and cruel act that hurt the entire humanity. The incident has brought a bad name to the Muslims and Pakistan and recurrence of such incidents, which take place due to personal grudge, must be averted by adopting tolerance and promoting love and harmony.

Sardar Yousaf expressed the views while talking to the media after condoling the death of a Christian couple who were burnt alive by a mob, with the bereaved family in Kalarakabad, in the suburbs of Kot Radha Kishan here on Friday.

He strongly condemned the incident and said the whole nation was stood by the family of ill-fated couple. The federal minister said that mosques and church taught people to love and help others irrespective of their religion and faith and not to play with the lives of people. “Mosque and churches help people change their lives for better and equip them with love for humanity,” he declared.

Sardar Yousaf assured the victim family that the accused would be punished under the law and no pressure would be accepted in this regard. The minister pointed out that the state strived hard to full fill its responsibilities and after the incident the police quickly arrested several accused, adding that raids were continued to nail the rest of the accused.

On this occasion, Sadar Yousaf announced Rs0.5 million for the aggrieved family and also announced three jobs for the heirs of the victim family besides more financial aid.

On the occasion, Evacuee Trust Property Board Chairman Siddiqul Farooq, Khateeb Badshahi mosque Maulana Abdul Khubair Azad and Irfan Jamil Bishop of Lahore were also present.