PTI leader Asad Umar has said that his party gives respect to its workers and does ideological politics so as to make new Pakistan.

“The people have to decide whether Pakistan is of one Sharif family or of 190 million of Pakistanis. New comers in the PTI will be welcomed but they will have to abide by the party manifesto and agenda,” he said while addressing the party workers at Wazirabad.

Mr Asad stated that his party did ideological politics and honoured the workers not to get premiership or to form government but to establish new Pakistan. “One family or one person cannot work for the welfare of the nation but a party can perform better, he added. He added that the rulers were promoting nepotism as Mariyam Nawaz had been made the head of Prime Minister Youth Loan Programme while she was not eligible for the post.  On the other hand, State Minister Abid Sher Ali has been given task to handle the crisis of electricity where as he knows nothing about the sector,” he said.

He said that excessive reading, overbilling and line losses in the power sector are still there and the circular debt has exceeded Rs350 billion. “Imran Khan’s companions like Shafqat Mehmood, Shireen Mazari, Azam Sawati, Jehangir Tareen, Shah Mahmood Qureshi are struggling for a common cause. We should think something beyond getting high-profile jobs,” he said. “Some politicians have contacted with PTI for joining it and they would be welcomed.”

He said that the stage for the political war had been set and the public would have to be ready to win the war. Talking to the media, he said, “Due to non-accountability, lawlessness takes place,” he added.  To a query, he said that as judicial commission will conduct enquiry into the rigging allegations, judges themselves cannot approach each and every site so they need a team to assist them. The PTI’s suggestion to include ISI and MI persons for collection of correct and quick information is constitutional, he said. He added that the point had already ben discussed by the PTI and government teams.