LAHORE - Education inculcates reform, refinement and civilised behavior in mankind and forms the edifice of a healthy social order.

These views were expressed by Major General (r) Liaqat Ali, Chairman Lahore Garrison Education System (LGES). He was addressing a Teachers Award Ceremony of Army Public Schools and Colleges to honor the faculty members on basis of their academic performance. The ceremony was held at Lahore Garrison.

Addressing the faculty members and students, Liaqat Ali emphasised on students to set high ethical goals in life as high objectives have always produced distinctive results. Liaqat Ali said that the future of country rests on the youth and emphasised the need for a healthy academic environment with major focus on character building of students.

The LGES chairman said that in the wake of a very vibrant media all over the world, our young generation was caught up in a web of socio-cultural invasion. He underlined the need to teach the young ones to decipher good from bad and to develop an independent objective thinking. He said that discipline plays a very vital role in the making of a nation and there was an urgent need that we develop into a strong, tolerant and progressive social order.

Liaqat Ali said that good teachers command respect and gratitude from their students all their lives because they consider them pioneers of society, far above all others, even their parents. He said that this status could only be earned through selflessness, dedication, hard work and a missionary spirit to impart high quality education that enables students to become inquisitive, analytical and confident to face the future challenges.