Foreign Office spokesperson Dr Faisal Wednesday said Indian attempt to politicise a humanitarian case by denying medical visa to a cancer patient was regrettable.

He was addressing a press conference alongside a cancer survivor, Osama and his parents, who recently returned from Turkey after getting treatment for liver cancer.

He said New Delhi demanded a letter of approval from the foreign minister to issue a medical visa to Osama, which was a clear violation of international laws.

Dr Faisal said the patient had to suffer because of the wait and delay of the medical visa by the Indian embassy.

Speaking on this occasion, Osama said he regretted the Indian attitude because it unnecessarily politicised a humanitarian issue.

He said India politicised the issue as “I hail from Azad Kashmir , it was painful for me and my family because delaying the visa can worsen my condition.”

“In Turkey, I received treatment with utmost respect. The Turkish government and administration took care of me,” he said.

Osama’s father also thanked both the Pakistani and Turkish governments for providing assistance during his stay in Turkey.