Every now and then the opposition in general and the politico-religious parties in particular taunt the PTI leadership mockingly about its promised transformation of Pakistan into a state like that of Medina. Probably by the State of Medina they misconstrue it to be theocratic state where the clergy could rule supreme.

Not at all, the Meesaq e Medina (The Constitution of Medina) was signed by Muslims (Mohajir and Ansar), 9 tribes of the Jews, the Christians and other believers (mu’minin). The document ensured full freedom of religious beliefs and practices for all citizens declaring them one nation (ummah wāhidah) separate from all peoples. And, they were declared One Nation by none other than the Holy Prophet SAW himself! The Charter (Meesaq) established the collective responsibility of all! constituent tribes for their members’ actions specifically emphasising blood money and payment of ransom.

An attack on anyone was to be considered the attack on all. It was exactly like the present day Pakistan where we have Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis etc. and they all constitute One Pakistani Nation (ummah wāhidah) with equal rights, complete freedom to worship and practice their religions and with equal opportunities to pursue happiness in life in Pakistan. This is what Imran Khan had promised and following the foot prints of the Holy Prophet SAW is working to achieve it. Wouldn’t all the religious parties, therefore, like to join hands with him in carrying out this sacred task of following the great Sunnah of the Holy Prophet SAW?! I am sure they would not only love to do it but try to surpass each other in performing this sacred duty.


Rawalpindi, November 1.