LAHORE - IG National Highways and Motorway Police Zulfiqar Cheema has said that the future of Pakistan is brighter than our expectations.

Addressing a student gathering on Tuesday, the inspector general said if India would not de-escalate its aggression on Pakistani borders, the whole nation would fight besides Pakistan Army to destroy Indians’ fake pride. Giving an example of Germany and Japan that rose from ruins after great destruction in Second World War, Cheema said that our nation needed sheer determination. “Our problems are far less than theirs but our youth is a victim of uncertainty which must be removed.”

He further said that knowledge and Justice was our legacy which had been taken away from us by the Europeans and, resultantly, now we have to learn rule of law from Europe and discipline from Japan. “Our youth should display high standards of unity and discipline. We should show high discipline in each and every walk of life to gain respect in the whole world,” Cheema said.

He said that we could achieve even the most difficult target by adhering honesty, fair intentions and strong commitment.

IG Cheema also advised the students to abhor corruption, as it is basic cause for destruction of any department. He further advised them to love their country; obey laws; and should feel pride in their own culture and traditions.