Panic still prevails in the Indian shelling-hit areas due to the presence of hundreds of mortar shells that could not explode in the fields of the Sialkot border villages.

The victims urged the government to immediately defuse these unexploded shells to avert the massive destruction. Seventy border villages including Joiyaan, Chaprar, Nandpur, Harpal, Charwah, Dhamaala,  Bajra Garhi , Anula , Salaankey , Baghiyaari,  Jangura, Rangor , Sakhiyaal, Pachhani Khurd, Kothey Raja, Jang, Tongar, Raja Harpal and Salaankey have been lying vacated by the people due to unprovoked intensified Indian shelling.

Besides, several epidemics like eyesore have broken out in these villages, the local affected people said that the shells fired by the Indian BSF were leaving poisonous smoke, causing severe eyesore among the local people. Due to floodwater, in addition, skin diseases are also spreading there. The people have been waiting for the medical teams of the Sialkot Health Department to reach there. They said that the bodies of animals killed by Indian shelling were also lying there due to which the massive ill-smell and suffocation had spread in these villages.

The firing of heavy mortar shells spread poisonous gases and smoke after exploding. Several eyesore affected people including Shabir Hussain, Nazia Ali, Muhammad Aslam, Bashir Ahmed, Sakeena Bibi, Rukhsana Nasir, Farkhanda Iqbal, Muhammad Iqbal, Arsalan Akhtar, Mohsin Ali, Ali Shah and Allah Rakhi said that diseases were rapidly spreading in these villages.

A number of IDPs are still lying displaced in and around the Sialkot city after leaving their houses. They have to spend their nights in the fields, thoroughfares and surrounding places away from their shelled houses in a bid to be safe from Indian shelling. During the day times, they go back to their shelled houses with tearing eyes but return to the safer places before the every evening.

In bordering village Bajra Garhi-Sialkot, several shells fell in the courtyard of a local mosque, which could not explode. Due to which, the mosque has been closed since then. These shells should be defused as soon as possible, the people demanded. The dozens of IDPs including women and children said that they had been spending their restless and sleepless nights at these relief centres or mostly in the fields in surrounding of border villages.

ROBBERY:  Two armed motorcyclists snatched Rs2 million in cash from a local trader near his house in Sialkot city’s congested Pakka Garha locality. Reportedly, Ch. Akbar Ali was back to home from his shop situated in Sabzi Mandi with cash, when the two armed men held him at gunpoint near his house and snatched the amount and two mobile phones.