LAHORE - An Indian hacker on Tuesday hacked the website of the Lahore High Court, leaving a message for Pakistan Peoples’ Party chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to stop giving statements about Kashmir.

SaHoo, the Indian hacker, hacked the website in response to the statement given by the PPP chief that Pakistan would take entire Kashmir back. After hacking it for a brief time on Tuesday evening, the hacker posted Indian flag on the main page with a doctored picture showing Bilawal in the hands of an Indian soldier. At the bottom of the screen, a picture of Indian Prime Minister Narrenda Moodi laughing at Bilawal was also posted on the website.

Making fun of the tweets made by Bilawal on Twitter, the hacker wrote “Hacked by SaHoo” at top of the page with Indian flag and a message “Lahore High Court hacked” at the bottom. The hacker also left a message for Bilawal to stop giving statements against Kashmir, as “it belongs to India”.

He termed Bilawal’s statement as a joke. Making fun of the country’s security, he also wrote “laughing at your security since 1947”.

It has been reported that the cyber attacks on Indian websites have increased from four in 1999 to 72 in 2000, whereas the Pakistani websites were hacked seven times in 1999 and 18 times in 2000. During the first half of 2001, 150 Indian websites were defaced. From 2002 to 2009, cyber attacks were also witnessed on the key websites of the both the countries.

In the latest response to the ICAs attack on 40 Pakistani websites, Pakistani hackers claimed to have defaced some 270 Indian websites in a single go, including that of the CBI, which, according to the IT professionals, triggered the internet war between the two countries hackers.

The IT experts say that there are hundreds of highly professional hackers operating in both the countries.

According to some computer security websites, since the start of cyber war, the Indian websites were being attacked mostly by two prominent Pakistani hacker groups, Pakistan Hackers Club (PHC) and G-Force. The founder of PHC is claimed to be Karachi-based while G-Force, consisting of eight members, is from based in Lahore.

On the Indian side, there are various hackers groups among whom the H2O or the Hindustan Hackers Organisation is the famous ones.

As usual, the Indian media blamed that the Pakistani hackers, working for the Kashmir cause, were backed by the intelligence agencies. However, they admitted that Pakistan had always been winning the war at cyber-front.