Islamabad - The embassy of Japan in collaboration with National Council of Arts, Pakistan-Japan Cultural Association and Mext Alumni Association of Pakistan organised a lecture and demonstration of ‘Boneski’ here at National Art Gallery on Tuesday.

Midori, wife of the Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan, gave the lecture and demonstration of ‘Boneski’, which was attended and highly appreciated by the art lovers. Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata lauded his wife for introducing the Japanese art of Boneski to Pakistani people. Boneski is a traditional Japanese art in which scenery of the four seasons is portrayed in miniature by placing natural stones on black lacquer trays, in which various sizes and amounts of white sand is used to add dimensions. Boneski enjoyed great popularity in Japan during the Edo-Era (1603-1867).

Boneski scenes often depict mountains, seashores and gardens. Small stones are used to represent mountain, shorelines or rocky islands that waves break upon. Miniature structures, usually of painted copper, are sometimes added to the work to make houses, temples and bridges. Midori Inomata, who has mastered this art over the years, captivated the attention of viewers by skilfully demonstrating the art of Boneski.  A renowned Pakistani miniature artist Naireen Amar was also present at the occasion. She said that such activities are useful to engage the youth in creative activities as well as to combat extremist ideologies.